Replacement Windows vs New Construction Windows

Homeowners have two choices when buying windows for their home: replacement windows and construction windows. These two types of windows are mutually exclusive except in rare cases. This article aims to provide the differences between these two types of windows and suggest the best one for you.

Differences Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows


New construction windows are designed for clear openings in the house and they are usually with no siding or trim in place. Replacement windows are designed to replace new construction windows. New construction windows have flanges, attachments fins, or nailing on the exterior of the window. Replacement windows have no flanges or nailing fins. They have a smooth side which makes insertion easy. See more!

Ease of Installation

Generally, new construction windows are easier to install, although the peripheral work can be difficult. On the other hand, replacement windows are tricky to install because of exacting tolerances.

Where to Use

New construction windows are mostly used when building new structures or when a badly damaged structure needs to be repaired. Replacement windows are used when the peripheral area is in a good shape and there is an existing window in the structure.


When installed correctly, new construction windows are typically weather tight. Replacement windows are also weather tight although the absence of the nailing fins can be a major drawback.

When to Use New Construction Windows

When Replacing a Very Bad Window

The major cause of a bad window is if the peripheral area is in bad shape. The framing around the wall studs, interior dry wall, exterior siding, window and even sub flooring and floor covering may have been compromised by carpenter ants, rot, or termites. Since an extensive carpentry work will be performed on the window, it will be just as cheap, easy, and simple to install a new construction window as it is to fix a replacement window. In this case, a new construction window is better because it will protect better from the elements.

When Building an Addition

This is usually more like building a new house. Unless in very unusual situations, a new construction window is always better. Learn more details at:

When to Use Replacement Windows

When Replacing an Existing Window

If there is a need to replace an existing window, it is best to go with a replacement window because installing a new construction window will damage a good wall. The siding, trim, wall, and window elements are all connected. When one element is altered, it automatically affects other elements. Replacement windows are designed to slide in horizontally causing no damage to any of the elements. The only thing you need to remove is the interior trim.

Which One is Better?

Like other things in the window industry, there is not necessarily an easy answer. Generally, new construction windows are of lower quality and cheaper than replacement windows, though there are cheap replacement windows and a nice new construction. We recommend finding some local experts to look at your home so they make some suggestions.

Replacement Windows: 5 Major Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Keep in mind when making windows more energy efficient means installing old storm windows? Window engineering has advanced a lot, and vinyl windows have become one of the best options available now. However, if you presently have wood, aluminum or steel windows installed in your home, then you are maybe wondering why you would replace them with vinyl windows. Here are some of the main benefits of vinyl replacement windows, which you should definitely keep in mind:

1) They Do Not Require Painting

If you have wooden windows, painting them can be a real pain in the neck. First, there is the procedure of buying the paint and all the materials you will require for the job. Then there is the whole trap of uninstalling the windows as well as painting them and then reinstalling them. And the best part of the whole procedure is that you will have to do it all once when it’s time to repaint the windows! You can avoid all that hassle with vinyl replacement windows. Once installed, you will never have to paint them for the entire life of the windows.

2) They Can Reduce Their Utility Bills

The double panel vinyl windows create a gap between the two panels. However, this is a wholesale update of the traditional window configuration that would include the central window the storm window. The reason is that the double panel vinyl windows make an airtight vacuum. That serves as the right insulation if you run your air conditioner or oven. The indoor air remains indoors and the outside air remains outdoors. This climate control provided by the vinyl windows, allows your home to retain the heat of the oven or the coldness of the air conditioning.

3) They Develop the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

Vinyl replacement windows appear a hundred times better than wooden, aluminum or steel windows. Actually, they will practically change the style of your home! Even if your house is not the newest one on the block, the vinyl replacement windows will make your home look like it’s new. If you choose standard double-pane windows, image windows or otherwise, they will help improve the first impression people have of their home.

4) They Improve the Monetary Value of Your Home

The improvements in the home that enhance the value of your home are definitely worth it. That’s why vinyl replacement windows are an exceptional investment. You can pass all the advantages of the windows to the next owner of your house. A home is one of the biggest investments you can make, so re-depositing money in it is certainly sensible. Check here.

5) They Can Be Easily Customized

This is definitely one of the best advantages of vinyl window replacement. They can be customized to replace virtually any current window in your home. That’s just not the case with old-style windows. And besides that, vinyl windows can be installed very easily and rapidly.

If you are looking for new windows for your house, then you should positively consider vinyl replacement windows. They are cheap, attractive and flexible. They are really perfect!

Get the Best Window Repairing Service and Give Your House a Refreshed Look

If you are worried for the Replacement Windows and unable to find the best services, then it is important to do some research. Make sure to search these services properly and use all your resources. It will be good to look around in your area and ask for neighbors if they know any reliable window repairing service provider. Keep it in mind that you have to judge a service provider on the basis of his/her work, use of resources and tools to repair your window. A good service provider will always use the best resources and repair the windows in a perfect way. You have to find the reliable service provider who can provide you faultless services.

How to get the best service?

If you want to select the best Window replacement company, it is important to do some personal efforts. You have to look at particular service and its added features. It will prove helpful for you because it will save your time and keep you away from wandering here and there. You can look on the internet to get more information or ask for the expert solution to repair windows. It will make your life simple because you can find the ways to help yourself.

Stay Away from Tension

You should select the best service provider because he/she will work to repair your window and you may not have to take any tension. You can just chill after work and it will be the best possible solution for you. The best service provider will help you to get a refreshing look. To get the best service, it is important to fix a meeting with the by making a call. Contact them via email or check their website or go to to get rid of all headaches.

Check for Affordable Rates

A good company often works well, but their rates may not suit you because you have a limited budget. If you are repairing a window, then make sure to consider your budget. The Replacement Windows may be expensive for you; therefore, you should focus on your budget and find affordable services.

Get the Best Services

Window Repairing Service

You have to get the best Window replacement company and for this purpose, you have to find the best service. You may want service for vintage windows and a right service provider will help you to get rid of various tensions. It will relax you and reduce any tension from your life. After a good research, you will feel good about your ultimate selection.more repairing info from

It is important to find the best company because the right one service can make your work beautiful. You should check the portfolio because it will help you to select the best thing for you. The perfect selection will increase your satisfaction and you may be able to get the best value for your money. A reliable service provider will complete the work with perfection and reduce any tension.