Replacement Windows vs New Construction Windows

Homeowners have two choices when buying windows for their home: replacement windows and construction windows. These two types of windows are mutually exclusive except in rare cases. This article aims to provide the differences between these two types of windows and suggest the best one for you.

Differences Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows


New construction windows are designed for clear openings in the house and they are usually with no siding or trim in place. Replacement windows are designed to replace new construction windows. New construction windows have flanges, attachments fins, or nailing on the exterior of the window. Replacement windows have no flanges or nailing fins. They have a smooth side which makes insertion easy. See more!

Ease of Installation

Generally, new construction windows are easier to install, although the peripheral work can be difficult. On the other hand, replacement windows are tricky to install because of exacting tolerances.

Where to Use

New construction windows are mostly used when building new structures or when a badly damaged structure needs to be repaired. Replacement windows are used when the peripheral area is in a good shape and there is an existing window in the structure.


When installed correctly, new construction windows are typically weather tight. Replacement windows are also weather tight although the absence of the nailing fins can be a major drawback.

When to Use New Construction Windows

When Replacing a Very Bad Window

The major cause of a bad window is if the peripheral area is in bad shape. The framing around the wall studs, interior dry wall, exterior siding, window and even sub flooring and floor covering may have been compromised by carpenter ants, rot, or termites. Since an extensive carpentry work will be performed on the window, it will be just as cheap, easy, and simple to install a new construction window as it is to fix a replacement window. In this case, a new construction window is better because it will protect better from the elements.

When Building an Addition

This is usually more like building a new house. Unless in very unusual situations, a new construction window is always better. Learn more details at:

When to Use Replacement Windows

When Replacing an Existing Window

If there is a need to replace an existing window, it is best to go with a replacement window because installing a new construction window will damage a good wall. The siding, trim, wall, and window elements are all connected. When one element is altered, it automatically affects other elements. Replacement windows are designed to slide in horizontally causing no damage to any of the elements. The only thing you need to remove is the interior trim.

Which One is Better?

Like other things in the window industry, there is not necessarily an easy answer. Generally, new construction windows are of lower quality and cheaper than replacement windows, though there are cheap replacement windows and a nice new construction. We recommend finding some local experts to look at your home so they make some suggestions.

How to Install Vinyl Replacement Windows


Replacement windows differ with each house and so do directions on how to install a replacement window. The instructions and tips that will be given below will be basic directions that you may follow, but do bear in mind that they may not be appropriate for your home.

Replacement windows are designed to go into any window openings. You can get them in a number of sizes from as wide as sixty eight to as narrow as 11 ½.

How to Remove the Old vinyl Window

The first thing you have to do if you want to install a replacement window is to first measure your window (the one you want to replace). This means you are measuring the frame. To do this, you have to;

  • Measure the width of the window frame (make sure that you measure from the inside of your house).
  • Then proceed to measure the height of the frame. You do this from the sill top to the head jamb underside in 3 places – across the top, the middle and at the right. Here you will also write down the smallest measurements.
  • Take measurements of the diagonals from one corner to the other and make sure the two dimensions are the same.
  • You will need an angle-measuring tool to find the slope of the sill.

Install your new windows from inside your house to make this process easy and safe.

Take out the inside stop pieces:

Make sure you remove them safely because you will use them again on your new window.

Then take out the inside sash. In the case that the window has weights, simply cut the chains or sash cords and let the weights fall to the wells (the bottom).

If the window you are removing had weights, drive the pulleys to the frame or simply get rid of them.

How to Install the New vinyl Window

  • On the side post of the window, put a bead of caulk on the inside part of the outside stops. Then mark the window sill (for the sill angle). Caulk and put in the sill angle.
  • Place the sashes (both top and bottom) upright at the center of the frame. Slide the bumper stops towards the frame center till the 4 mounting holes that is 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom on the side jambs can be seen.
  • Put the expander or header at the top of the window and caulk its top.
  • Put the window in the opening and verify that it’s a square. In the case that the window isn’t square, you can shim it as required.
  • Move up the header so that it covers up any gap/space between the old frame and new vinyl windows
  • To check for gaps slide the top together with the bottom sashes up and down. You can make use of the built in adjustment screws that are in the jambs if the sashes don’t operate properly.
  • Caulk the inside of the window and put back the inside stops.

After following the above directions on how to install a replacement window, you can then leave it for a couple of hours so that everything dries up properly. You can then check to see if your window was properly installed and clean your window frame.


Tips on Hiring Calgary Window Replacement Company

Window and doors are important parts of your home because these can change the look of your house and increase the hygiene and light in the house. The windows should be treated with care and it is not a big deal to install windows in your house. The proper placement and installation of the window will help you to keep your room airy and free from germs.

It will be good to hire a reliable Window replacement company. They will use the best procedure for the installation of windows and prevent any problem. If you want to hire a window replacement company, it is important to consider the following tips:

Search the Good Window Choices

Before hiring any Replacement Windows contractor, it is important to consider different options and pick one that is suitable for you. There are some contractors who typically work on the single kind of window only. Make sure to hire an expert for the installation of your own type of window. If you want an energy efficient window, then it will be good to consider fiberglass or PVC window. You should consider the level of efficiency and get experts to your window. You should have money in advance to prevent unnecessary headaches.

Do Some Research for Contractor

If you want to search an expert for Replacement Windows, then it is important to talk to your windows and relatives. They may help you to find a good contractor. You can also search for the online companies and ask questions about your work. Make sure to select the best workers for your type of window and house.

Compare Contract Prices

Before finalizing your contractor, it is important to get the complete quotation of prices. You should have at least three contractors and compare their features and services. Make sure to check the price list and ask for the starting and finishing date of work. You need to check details of material and products. The terms and conditions for the payment should be considered. The labor payments will help you to analyze the rates of Window replacement company services.

If you want to avoid any misunderstanding and issues, then instead of paying a full amount in advance, you can keep almost 50% or more payments with you. Some contractors can offer some discount, on advance payment. Check the rules and regulations of your states because there can be some regulations about the maximum rate of the contractor.

Check Warranty

Window Replacement Company

While installing a window, you should check the warranty because a standard window comes with a warranty of 10 years and two years warranty for workmanship. The warranty may come with installation and it is provided by contractors. Make sure to check all issues in advance because improper installation may cause problems. The warranty may help you to fix the window without extra payment.view more info from the website:


It is important to verify the work of contract and quality of the material. The quality of material and installation, both are really important. Any fault in the hiring process may lead you to regret your decision.

5 Window Replacement Tips You Must Bear in Mind

There are different types of Replacement Windows that you can choose to save cost and energy. The windows of wood look really elegant and you can paint them to get the desired look for your home. The wood windows have a probability of absorbing moisture and will rot without proper maintenance. You have to keep an eye on the condition of the window. The high-quality vinyl window is another type of window that is free from maintenance.

You can get the advantage of the ideal insulation. The Aluminum windows are also available and these are cost-effective choices. You can paint them as per your needs to compliment another décor of your house. The aluminum windows are not friendly for energy because the aluminum frame can be a conductor of here for more info.

Consider Material of Windows

The Window replacement company offers window frames made of three main materials, wood, polyvinyl and metal. Composite frames may feature a wooden core and with plastic or aluminum cover. The wooden windows are good and proved to be the best choice for your properties. You should be careful about wood rot, chipped and flaking. A repainted frame will also look good.

Met and UPVC Windows

The metal and uPVC windows may look good even after a little maintenance as compared to other windows. These are easy to maintain and can last for a longer period of time. The metal windows can be painted and sealed for dual glazing, but these also have chances of deterioration. It may allow moisture between the panes.

Exchange Single Glaze for Double

You can get the advantage of the double and even triple glazing to keep your house warm and energy efficient. The old windows can be less energy efficient, but the original sash windows are disreputable, but the dual-glazed wooden sashes will give a traditional look to your windows without being their comments from

Get Consent for Listed Building

If you are thinking for Replacement Windows in a listed building, it can be difficult for you because you have to take the permission from the local council. They often consider the shape and appearance of the window and want it to remain unchanged. The Window replacement company often works professionally to keep the appearance of the window unchanged. The appearance is really important to consider because the replacement work should not affect the natural beauty of the building.

Windows Should Comply with Building Regulations

Window Replacement

Installation of all new windows should comply with the building regulations. You may need a certificate to prove that you are working as per the regulations. The local control department of the building may check and sign off the windows. You have to get approval from the inspector. To avoid any hassle, it will be good to take the services of installer registered, such as FENSA. The window manufacturers may also offer fitting services, but these can be more expensive as compared to other builders. It will reduce your headaches and troubles in the window replacement.